No Limit Custom Creations

NLCC is a one-man business that opened its doors in January 2019. Working in a facility of 312m² located in Beerse Belgium. No Limit Custom Creations has grown into one of the most recognized Cerakote® applicators in the BENELUX. I have the honor to work with some of the best and brightest companies in the Firearms (LEGALLY), Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Bicycles, Motorcycle, Oil & Gas, Kitchen & Bath industries out there. We treat hundreds of projects each year for customers all over the BENELUX
Specialized in applying Cerakote® Ceramic Coating, Laser engraving, laser stippeling of firearms (LEGALLY), bicycles, car/motorcycle parts, and other objects, as long as it is made from metal, wood, plastic/polymer we can treat it. NLCC is factory trained and certified by CERAKOTE® and San Antonio Laser Engraving (USA) in 2018.

Our firearms permit can be found here

Military & Law Enforcement Discounts on Cerakote and Laser Engraving/Stippling

Here at No Limit Custom Creations we recognize that none of us would have the freedom that we do without our military and law enforcement individuals. Because of that we have implemented discounts on our services for all members of the military and law enforcement. If you fall into that group make sure to say so when initially starting your project so that we can make sure we can hook you up with a discount.

* Credentials will be required upon starting the project to receive the discount.


CERAKOTE® is a ceramic polymeric coating. Ceramic is an extremely hard substance. Cerakote® can be applied to any hard surface like metals, plastics, polymers, glass and even wood. The product treated with CERAKOTE® becomes (if applied correctly) corrosion resistant, better protected to scratches and abrasion, chemical resistant, salt water resistant, UV resistant, high heat resistant and many other properties. CERAKOTE® has been tested by many ASTM tests. These tests compare CERAKOTE® against many popular coatings, all of which perform worse on several aspects, Cerakote® holds up extremely well in these situations. You can see this for your self in the test section of this website. CERAKOTE® is available in more than 100 different colors and colors keep getting discovered and added each year. Because CERAKOTE® was originally designed for firearms, where paint thicknesses and protection are extremely important, CERAKOTE® achieves these functions with a thickness of only 25 microns. So CERAKOTE® is perfect to protect screws and bolts that will endure harsh conditions..

Laser Engraving/Stippling/Marking

For this application we use a "SALE 30 watt fiber laser" that has specially been developed for these applications by SALE. 

There are three main applications for laser engraving

  • Decorative
  • Identification
  • Functional

Laser engraving can be used for logo's, text, or full decoratieve art/theme's.
Laser engraving can be done to Metals, polymers, soft wood, stone, and some plastics (testing might be needed)
Laser stippling is a decorative application technique used for polymer hand guns like:

  • Glocks,
  • XD & XDM
  • M&P
  • CZ P07, P09, P10
  • Sig Sauer P320, P365, X5
  • Canik

Laser stippling improves the grip of the firearm, and is a decoratieve feature.
Laser stippling is also available for many knife, bow, and rifle handles and other large polymer surfaces.
Laser engraving/stippling can be combined with our Cerakote® applications.


Perfection is impossible, yet we strive for the best end result closest to perfection. Thanks to years of experience, the use of high end-quality materials and the most recent technological developments, This way we can ensure the best end result.

Personal Customization 

Stand out with a unique item, NLCC helps you with advice and design idea's for your project. Your wish is our command! 

You choose the color, design, text, size, style, etc. Everything is done in collaboration with you.  


At NLCC, we love to see our customers happy and we do everything we can to make that happen!
To See a happy customer leave our shop is one of the best things I can wish for.


Great service and amazing work done

Michael Kritoulis 

No Limit Custom Creations worked on a  1950s Nikon S camera from my collection. It is absolutely beautiful and delicate work. A big thank you to Kurt who was my interlocutor and very attentive to my particular request.

Philippe André

Had our team logo lasered on the ejection port of my PTW. Extremely happy with the work. Great service, very welcoming shop, with a drink while you talk things over and while waiting.

Chris Vorstenbosch

Kurt does an amazing job! 

Gaël Ferec